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Practical Workplace Mindfulness is Possible

Meet Kathy

Meditation Facilitator & Practitioner

Meditation has made such a huge difference in my life. It's taken me from being a "busy" adult living on autopilot to a person who values inner peace, clarity and presence. 

I still find myself in situations where I am angry, anxious, sad and flustered. However with meditation, I have a greater sense of self-awareness to observe my emotions and not let myself be taken over by them.

Over the last 8 years,  I've studied, practiced and incorporated meditation into my various moments of my life which has helped me become more productive, compassionate and grateful. I look forward to sharing these methods with you. 


What I Specialize In




1-on-1 Meditation Programs

Group Meditation 


What Clients are Saying...

Kathy is a well organized, intuitive, and engaging facilitator. I've attended about a dozen sessions at this point and I couldn't be happier with the value Mint Meditation provides me. I always leave each session feeling calm and uplifted. I highly recommend Mint Meditation to friends and strangers alike.

- Zach Champoux
Business Owner

Mint Meditation is my go to for a nice mid-day mind relaxation. Having a corporate job I find it very beneficial to take the time to clear my mind through meditation. The short moment to sharpen my mind helps me be more productive, creative and focused on my job. Kathy brings a an abundance of skill, passion and care in her practice of mediation. I highly recommend Mint Meditation to help clear your mind and bring inner calmness and peace during your busy day and especially during this pandemic.

- Vicki Parchamento
Procurement Manager


Mint Meditation provides a non-judgmental atmosphere where I feel safe and welcome. Kathy is passionate at what she does and it’s obvious when you attend her classes. I always leave the session feeling refreshed, grounded, and ready to take on my day. Thank you Kathy for sharing your passion with us. I look forward to my next class!

- Carmen Ng