Meet Kathy

Certified Meditation Facilitator

Why I started...

It's 2012 and I thought I've "made it".  I was 26 yrs old, working as a process engineer at dynamite plant (yes, we produced dynamite for mining). I've just bought my first house in Calgary and spent my weekends with friends talking about new goals I wanted to achieve. 

However, something was off - I had this underlying unsatisfactory feeling I couldn't quite get a handle on. I "should" have been happy but I knew that setting new goals wouldn't change it.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

I knew I had to do something different and I had to search within. The answers I was looking for would not come from outside of me. That's where I turned to meditation to figure out that underlying feeling.

Ultimately, that lead to recognizing the dissatisfaction I had about my past relationships, my family and myself. Through meditation, I was able to discern between my own thoughts and emotions and what expectations I've placed on myself. Through continual practice of self-awareness and meditation, I've been able to heal key relationships in my life before it was too late. 

Meditation has been apart of my daily practice ever since. Just like brushing my teeth - it helps let go of past build-up and create a fresh canvas for my day.